every morning, i attend the dawn chorus.

every morning, familiar voices
every morning, a different song.

the sky rests, yawns, stretches

if i arrive early enough to take my seat,
i feel/fill the space of the auditorium

measuring time by the lightening sky
and ascending choir

rattling thud of the woodpecker

the birds, caretakers of the landscape trill brightly

robin, thrush, brown creeper, nuthatch, towhee, chickadee, junco, crows, geese, raven
quail, wren, finch, and siskin

whirr of the hummingbird's wings

myriad tiny birds who i've yet to meet

the transit of the last dinosaurs

clouds drift past slowly and calmly

a ship's horn

deer trace an ancestral path down the slope,
i trace an ancestral path to the present

wisps of dreams echo through my head

i feel immense gratitude to be able
to share this moment with these neighbours,
and to feel the warmth of the sun alongside them.

the planet rotates and traces its orbit
the moon watches and protects
the universe holds us all together

i wave at the passing deer

the world as it was before me
as it will be after me

i breathe and feel death

i breathe and feel life

i breathe and feel contentment

vibrating through husks of past selves
mind preparing for the journey ahead

sounds of unknown/unseen lands

lie down staring at the sky's infinite depth

a flicker drums on the roof

a chickadee bathes on a leaf

a curious junco investigates

a baby raven krawks for food

a quail creeps through a bush

a hummingbird lands on a nearby twig and looks at me

i smile

scribbled across a few spring mornings